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Art Stamper performed live and recorded with many of the greatest names in old-time and Bluegrass music over the decades. Below is a partial discograpy of the albums on which he recorded.

If you have any information regarding other recordings, please contact:

The Osborne Brothers and Red Allen - 1980

Classic Bluegrass by Larry Sparks -

Run Satan Run, by the Goins Brothers -

No Depression, by Carey Fridley - 2001

Stanley Brothers and the Clinch Mountain Boys: 1953-59

Angel Band: The Classic Mercury Recordings (Clinch Mountain Boys)

Jimmy Martin Songs for Dinner

Jeff Clair: Old Simon Tackett

Larry Sparks: Silver Reflections

Larry Sparks: Travellin'

Ralph Stanley & Joe Isaacs: A Gospel Gathering

Ralph Stanley: Back to the Cross

Christmastime with Ralph Stanley

The Stanley Brothers and the Clinch Mountain Boys: Complete Mercury Recordings

The Stanley Brothers: The King Years - 1961-1965

25 Years of Strictly Country

Osborne Brothers - 1956-1968

European World of Bluegrass - 2001

The Goins Brothers: Run Satan Run

The Stanley Brothers - 1953-1959

Don't Let Me Cross Over: Emma Smith & Dave Evans

The Osborne Brothers and Red Allen - Ruby Are You Mad

Larry Sparks: The Old Church Yard

Appalachian Stomp: Bluegrass Classics

Many other recordings, including:

Tennessee Blues — The Ernie Thacker Junior Blankenship Band (Tape)
Copper Creek 0136 Recorded in November, 1994

Sweetest Love — Sammy Adkins RTS 1241 (Tape)

On The Other Side — Tom and Tina w/The Wisconsin River Bluegrass Boys 1988

In The Deepening Snow — Vern Young (Tape)

Died By The Fire — Carole Flake and Bill Spear Music Man Record MM00033 (Tape & cd)

Where the Rainbow Finds Its End — Bill Clifton with The Pick of The Crop, 1991 ELF Records ELFCD-102

Don’t Let Me Cross Over — Emma Smith and Dave Evans OLD Homestead OHCD-3001 1984

Jimmy Martin Songs For Dinner — Gary Brewer 1999 Louisville Music News

Submit Yourself To God — The Kirk Family

My God is More Than Everything — The Kirk Family, Harvest HGS 151290

Bouquet of Dandelions — Janette Carter

High Falutin Woman — The Bluegrass Thoroughbreds. Prestime 1984

Dreaming of 1933 — The Bluegrass Thoroughbreds. Prestime 6644

Sweet Kentucky Home — The Bluegrass Thoroughbreds. Prestime 6644

Up The Trade — The Beargrass Creek Boys

June Apple — Cowan Creek Mountain Music School Grand Finale Concert 2002

Destination Appalachia — National Geographic SUGO Music SR0102 taken From
County Sales the tune Brushy Fork John’s Creek

Neighbor Girl — Carey Fridley Juba Record 01

Pilver Reflection — Larry Sparks Rebel 1654 for lp 1986 & 1987

If you or someone you know has more information about recordings of Art Stamper's fiddle, let us know by writing